Island Princess NYS & CDC Mandated Coronavirus Prevention

Island Princess Captree Fishing
COVID-19 NYS Fishing Safety Regulations

Island Princess Captree Fishing COVID-19 REGULATIONS: Due to New York State COVID-19 Emergency Regulations, Passenger Limitations & CDC Requirements:

PASSENGER SAFETY & CDC GUIDELINES: The Island Princess has taken all CDC & DEC recommended precautions to help ensure our crew remains healthy and the vessel is safe to board by passengers. NOTE: Boarding our boat and participation in fishing aboard the Island Princess is done at your own risk (see below)*. 

1. CONTACTLESS PAYMENT for IP Tickets can be done online at Payments Onboard: We have an EMV card reader that allows you to insert card yourself. Cash: if cash is required.


2. FACE COVERINGS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL PASSENGERS & CREW MEMBERS At any time that an employee or guest comes within six feet of another person. Masks while traveling around the boat deck / cabin are required. The IP is providing gloves & masks to all crew.


3. CLEANLINESS & SANITATION - The IP has all guidelines in place and is sanitizing all communal areas & equipment before and after each trip. A sanitation log is being kept to ensure all steps followed.

4. PROPER HAND WASHING - As guided by the CDC proper hand washing is done with soap and water for a minimum of 20 secs. Hand sanitizer dispensers can be found throughout the vessel.


5. SOCIAL DISTANCING - All social distancing measures are to be followed and 6 feet of distance is to be maintained while fishing of passengers not of the same household. ** (See below about getting help from our Crew).


6. SHARED SPACES - The interior of the cabin area should not have more than ___ passengers  or crew members occupying it at one time. We ask that passengers only enter the cabin when absolutely necessary and wear a mask.


7. IF YOU’RE FEELING ILL - The IP asks that if you are feeling ill, have a temperature above 100.4  or have been in contact with someone that has COVID-19 that you DO NOT BOARD the vessel. Tickets can be used at a later date.


* BEING A PASSENGER ON OUR BOAT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK: It is our responsibility to urge all high risk or elderly fishermen to postpone their trips until social distancing recommendations are lifted. All activities are at your own risk, by Boarding our vessel for a recreational fishing trip you have made a personal decision based on your health and well being that it is an acceptable activity for your state of health and the Island Princess is in no way responsible for your personal health decisions as it pertains to COVID-19 or any other illness. 


**HELP FROM OUR CREW: Our talented and helpful crew is there to facilitate and brighten your fishing experience aboard the IP, they do make their living on tips and appreciate your generosity. Some recommendations for fishing aboard our vessel safely and as it pertains to current COVID-19 standards.


1. If you need help boarding our boat please ASK for assistance and give the crew members permission to help you aboard.


2. If you do not want crew members to assist you in bringing fish into the boat, changing hooks / lines or filleting your catch etc.  please alert us immediately at the beginning of the trip. They will mark your area appropriately.


3. If you need assistance with anything please first place your rod in the holder & step back should you need a crew member to fix your equipment, or reel in a fish for you.


4. Should you need guidance on using our fishing equipment our crew will gladly assist and demonstrate proper usage of equipment and fishing techniques from designated areas of the boat. 

Captree COVID-19 Fishing Social Distancing 6 feet apart
IP Captree COVID-19 Fishing Wear A Mask
COVID-19 Art-board 6 feet of social distance
IP Captree COVID-19 Fishing Wash Your Hands